MICROTEST - Professional Floppy Disk Test and Maintenance System

Now Obsolete - but see below for latest software releases.
Microtest Microtest is the complete disk drive test and maintenance system for professional service personel. By simply plugging the Microtest interface pod into the serial port on any PC compatible computer then the VDU is instantly transformed into a comprehensive and powerful Test Laboratory! A range of alignment discs and adaptors are also available. This product is now obsolete and can no longer be supplied in quantity, we may however have one or two units available if required. Please contact us for more information.
Download the Latest Software Releases
Microtest software version 3.4
SMT - The Microtest Demo software
XDRIVE - Allows you to add your own drives to Microtest
Please note that these downloadable files are self extracting ZIP files. Simply download them, copy them into your required directory and execute them.