Environment Friendly

HEADMAX™ The Intelligent floppy drive cleaner with diagnostics on a single disk!

New version 3.3 now available, can be used on a Windows 95/98 system in MS-DOS mode!

Headmax in action...
Drive check and Head Clean:
Once the program has started and after it has done a quick virus check of the Headmax disk the head read quality is tested and displayed in the form of a bar chart, one bar for each head. The heads are then given a quick clean using the dry cleaning surface on the disk itself (no other cleaning disk is required!). If there is an improvement in read quality then the heads are given a further cleans until there is no more improvement and the cleaning process stops. This is what makes Headmax intelligent and is one of the problems with other standard cleaning disks because you never know when the heads have been cleaned enough!

The radial alignment and rotational speed of the drive are also displayed on this screen.
The powerful EXERCISE routine is for the user who needs to continually test a drive on a particular function. For example Reading and Writing, moving to particular tracks, etc. Exercise logs all results to the screen while testing. One use of EXERCISE would be to find an intermittent fault. You can also compare drives for performance. Results can also be printed.
On-line Help:
There is also on disk help instructions available from all screens by pressing the F1 or H key. This will be presented in the chosen language.